Terms Of Service

🔸 General 🔸
• I will only accept clear reference sheets, no shading or rendering. Reference sheets must also have a clear color pick section as well for color accuracy!
🚫Absolutely NO NFTS🚫🔸 Time and Process 🔸
• Commissions can take up from 2 weeks to 3 months to complete as I work on pieces in groups! It also depends on the commission type and how large my queue is at the time of requesting!
• I can work with Deadlines as long as it is 3 weeks to a month away from the day the commission inquiry is made.
• I usually take groups of 10 commission slots at a time, with this I divide each part of my process into parts!
✨My process is as follows:✨
- 1-2 weeks on Sketching
-1-2 weeks on Lining
-1-3 weeks on Coloring and Shading
I group the color and shading together as I normally jump into completing a piece once its colored and approved!
• Comics and Reference Sheets take longer due to planning/formating so please keep this in mind when commissioning for these!
• I work by a loose schedule, but I will directly contact you when your commission is being worked on and will answer any messages asking for a update!
• Communication is very key to my work process!
🔸 WIP's & Updates 🔸
• I update my clients individual via DM/Email during every part of my process (sketching, lining, coloring, and finish/rendering).
• Updates can also be viewed via Trello but I like to update personally as its more convenient and easy via DM/email!
• After I have fully rendered the piece I will only allow 3 adjustments, after that I will have to charge $15 for each adjustment as my updates before shading should be enough time to make any big changes!
• I will update you directly if I run into any delays or events that impact my workflow.
• Don't be afraid to reach out to me if you have any concerns or questions regarding your commission!
🔸 Payment 🔸
• I currently only take Paypal, cashapp, and square (soon)!
• Payments are all in USD!
• Payment is upfront unless a payment plan has been agreed upon. Please pay within 24hrs unless a payment plan or extension is agreed upon!
• Please ignore my deadname listed on Paypal/CA/Venmo and do not refer to me as such.
🔸 Refunds 🔸
• If I have done the sketch and you have requested a refund, you will get 50% back and I have the right to sell the pose sketched. (This applys if I have already sent you your sketch for approval)
♦Usage/Owner Rights♦
• I reserve all rights to my work, do not claim my work as your own, and please do not edit my work without permission.
• Commissioned work from me is for personal use only, you may print your piece(s) for personal use.
• You can ask about buying commercial use (contract will have to be agreed upon).
• Please respect my work and me by not reposting my work unless you provide CLEAR CREDIT and have permission.

✘ Will Not Draw ✘
• Abusive themes
• Hard gore
• Baby/Cub/Pedo/Zoo themes
• Hate symbols (Racist, Nazi, etc.)
• Guns
• Feral NSFW
• Mecha

✔ Will Draw ✔
• Candy/Plush/Soft Gore
• Blood (to an extent)
• Soft Fetishes (Always ask before)
• Tattoo Designs
• Animals
• People (rare)